Our nature diary tells tales of the wild

Wild Northumbrian is setting in a truly unique location with our yurts and huts nestled into the surrounding Northumbrian fells, amongst the trees and with Briarhill Burn running through the site.

The site is home to an amazing range of wildlife; owls, red squirrel, deer, badgers, foxes, voles, field mice – as well as lots of different types of birds, everything from Curlews to robins.

Each new season brings it’s own special atmosphere and sees beautiful changes in the flora and fauna on show. In spring and summer, our wildflower meadow along the route to Tod and Brock is full of flowers grasses and insect life, in autumn the surrounding trees and fells put on a show of glorious colours, from coppery orange to deepest purple.

In this section of the site we hare all the latest happenings from the site and it also serves as an archive of the wonders of nature that can be found throughout the year.

Click on the photos and read our micro blogs about life in and around the site and get a sense of what an incredible place this is – but warning; if you’ve visited us before this section will have you longing to come back and if you haven’t yet stayed, you will find yourself drifting to the availability section…

The sound of the river, the butterflies and dragonflies and the complete serenity and calmness. Absolute BLISS.
Nice Family, Stevenage